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Community   Accountability   Responsibilty

As elected community representatives, trustees advocate for a strong public education system by identifying the needs and priorities in their communities and turn them into practical educational opportunities.

Trustees demonstrate leadership by establishing system vision; developing board policy and direction; dealing with financial issues, budgets and property matters.

Trustees are accountable for promoting a high quality public education system by advocating for improved student achievement, equitable programming and efficient delivery of education, ensuring all students receive the education they need to succeed.

As a trustee, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to public education by practicing the core values of honesty, integrity and fiscal responsibility. I firmly believe in transparent processes and that trustees should be held accountable to their communities for their actions. I am committed to representing the best interests of our students and all Ward 1 and 2 residents.

I am committed to working toward a healthy, responsive, accountable board that encourages growth and learning; a board that makes decisions in the best interests of students.


i promise to use my business and community experience to help deal with the tough fiscal issues facing the board. 

Approaching issues with openess and recognizing different viewpoints, I will always consider student needs, making sure they have educational opportunities to prepare them for the challenges and demands of our rapidly changing world



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