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Education is not the answer to the question.

It is the means to answer all the questions.

- William Allin

About Donna

When I was in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to be a volunteer tutor in the Don Jail. I saw firsthand what impact it can have on a person's future to not have the literacy skills to fill out a job application. 

I have long been a passionate advocate for public education. 


I strongly believe that the position of Trustee is about so much more than politics.  I believe that your locally elected Trustee should be there because they have a passion for education and kids. And I still do.

Your Trustee should work hard to balance the best interests of students with fiscal responsibility. Education is not an is an investment in our future--ALL of us.



Please support me by talking to your friends and neighbours about the importance of voting for their local Trustee in this municipal election and please talk to them about why you will support me.

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