Education is a gift that none can take away 

8 years ago, I promised to be a trustee who used budgets and financial resources to determine critical priorities for the school system.

Since 2006:

We have reduced walk to distances for all of our elementary and secondary students

We have built five new elementary and one new secondary school with plans for another new elementary school and a rebuild of Martin Street School currently underway

I have successfully argued against motions which would see Martin Street School become a single track French Immersion school



8 years ago, I promised you I would be a trustee who provided and communication link between the community and the school board

Since 2006:

I established “SuperCouncil” – a series of meetings involving school council chairs and principals to problem solve collaboratively the many boundary reviews caused by rapid growth

I am a frequent guest at locally held federal roundtables on such topics  as mental health

I meet regularly with parents to discuss their concerns and attend all school functions I am invited to.

I am a member of the Parent Involvement Committee

I work closely with our students through the Making a Change Leadership conference, Equity Summit and Inside Out conferenec




8 years ago, I promised to be a trustee who modeled mutual respect and professional behaviour in  board meetings and with the school and administrative staff.

Since 2006:

I worked collaboratively with my fellow trustees  to successfully fight for a much needed bus at Brookville Public School

I have served as needed in a number of roles:

Vice Chair of the Board

Chair, Special Education Advisory Committee

Chair, Social Justice Committee

Member of Equity Advisory Committee, Policy, By Law and Governance Committee, Director’s Performance Appraisal Committee and Student Trustee Mentor

I have been elected 3 times as Chair of Central West Region for the Ontario Public School Board Association

I have been actively involved in the creation and monitoring of the Board’s Strategic Plan as well as the Multi=Year Plan




8 years I ago, I promised to promote a high quality public education system

Since 2006:

New secondary programs in Arts & Culture,  Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Social Justice and Information and communications Technology have been implemented

A primary gifted class has been created.

A new class offering a flexible timetable for high performing elementary students is now available.

Advanced placement classes are now available for secondary students

The majority of our new schools being built are opened as dual track schools, offering French Immersion as well as traditional programming


8 years ago, I said I would build collaborative relationships and partnerships with political and business leaders, education partners and parent and community groups

Since 2006:

I represent HDSB and 6 other school boards provincially at the executive level of the Ontario Public School Board Association

I have twice been asked to accompany local political leaders to delegate the Ministry of Education on educational and growth issues

When rapid growth and delays in school builds occurred, we worked closely with schools and parent groups to create classes at JM Denyes, Robert bal;dwin and Martin Street Schools until Escarpment View and P.L. Robertson schools could be built.

We created an elementary school at the old EC Drury site to help with overcrowding at P.L. Robertson School until Anne J MacArthur school could be built