What people are saying:


“I could go on about Donna's professionalism, work ethic and ability to multitask but that's not what I admire most about her. What I admire most is her passion, her unending commitment to fight for what's right and her sincere desire to help. I think this is what has allowed her to gain the trust and respect of local youth and community professionals alike.”

Angus Coll-Smith, Executive Director of POSSE Project


“Donna's always involved in the community, from her countless hours spent assisting with the Ribfest, to her many groups she supports and committee she sits on, she is the reason why Milton is a growing community!”

Scott Anders, founder of Milton Ribfest



"Donna has been a big supporter of Brookville Public School, whether it be volunteering at our Annual Spring Fair, or supporting us at a parent council meetings.  She is a pleasure to work with"

Jenifer Wood and Janice Van Bakel

Co-Chairs, Brookville Public School


"I worked very closely with Donna on the the Milton DBIA where she was a very effective Executive Director.  Donna came into the position and was extremely successful at a particularly challenging time as we were a new board without an outgoing ED.  She was able to quickly learn the position despite very little outside support and for the next two and half years made innumerable positive contributions to Downtown Milton.  In my interactions with Donna I learned a lot about leadership and what it takes to build consensus among many different stakeholders with very divergent objectives."

Eric Chabot, Chair, Downtown Milton


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