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What people are saying:


"I've had the opportunity to be supported by Donna as a Parent.  I've also worked alongside Donna as a School Council representative.  Donna's passion and energy for student success is extreme.  She listens, is completely transparent, and takes on the toughest of challenges with finesse and empathy.  She will ask meaningful questions with the goal of learning and understanding the perspective and intent of the audience before interpreting and taking action.  It is this awareness and thoughtfulness we need in our educational leaders"

Blair Fleming, Parent

"I am so grateful that I got to work with Donna — she was the best mentor that I ever could have asked for. She makes everyone at the Board feel welcome, she empowers others, and she brings 15  years of Trustee experience that is invaluable in any situation. She is an extremely passionate advocate, who always goes the extra mile to make sure that students get the support that they deserve.

Donna is an extremely hard-worker, and she can always be counted on to consider multiple perspectives, bring up new ideas, and execute meaningful initiatives that make a difference in our Board.

As a person, Donna is one of the most caring people that I know. She was always willing to lend a hand during a time of need, and never backed down from advocating for those in need. Her kindness and how she uplifts, empowers, and supports students is why I can say with full confidence that Donna is the best candidate for this role.

Furthermore, as a Trustee, she always came to Board meetings extremely well-prepared with her notes, and was always eager to discuss, week after week.
She is incredibly hard working, kind, and empathetic, and is not afraid to stand up for the wellbeing of students and consider different perspectives — which is an extremely important attribute for any Trustee on the Board.

All of the student-led initiatives that we held would not have been possible with Donna. Her guidance and wisdom made sure that student-voice was rightfully heard, and she could always be counted on when we needed her most."

Olivia Lau, 2020 Student Trustee

"I have had the great pleasure to work for and with Donna Danielli for over ten years. As a  former Superintendent, Associate Director and Director of the Halton District School Board, I was in the front seat of seeing the great work of Donna. The position of Trustee in public education is integral to the success of the board and the students. Donna performed this task, without exception, with the best interests of the board and especially the students, every single time. Watching her work and hearing her comments, it is impossible not to see her great devotion to students and their aspirations. Her values with respect to ensuring the success of the HDSB's students are incomparable. "

Stuart Miller, retired HDSB Director of Education

“I could go on about Donna's professionalism, work ethic and ability to multitask but that's not what I admire most about her. What I admire most is her passion, her unending commitment to fight for what's right and her sincere desire to help. I think this is what has allowed her to gain the trust and respect of local youth and community professionals alike.”

Angus Coll-Smith, Executive Director of POSSE Project


“Donna's always involved in the community, from her countless hours spent assisting with the Ribfest, to her many groups she supports and committee she sits on, she is the reason why Milton is a growing community!”

Scott Anders, founder of Milton Ribfest

"In my interactions with Donna I learned a lot about leadership and what it takes to build consensus among many different stakeholders with very divergent objectives."

Eric Chabot, Chair, Downtown Milton ontario-residents-from-becoming-homeless/




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